I Saved Money – A Day of Savings!



I found a few great deals yesterday and today! 

First CVS.  I purchased:
1 Renu Complete $7.99 used $2.00/1 5/16 RP
1 Bio True Eye Drops $2.99 Use $2.00/1 printable
1 Pro Fusion Razor $9.97 use $4.00/1 MFR
2 John Fredia Products $10 used 2 $3.00/1
I used 15 ECBS and My total for the first card was $0.95 + tax

I received back 20.98 in ECB’s

For the second card I didn’t have the $2.00/1 renu but I did have $4.00/20 CVS.  This came out to $0.95 + tax too after 12 ecbs and I made 20.98 in ECB’s

I went back for more john fredia on each card using $3.00/1 & $2.00/1 coupons.  These came out to be tax out-of-pocket the ecbs were even at $5 each

Yesterday I went to Fry’s to snag the great crayon deal that might be over already!  I was able to purchase 10 boxes for $2.50 then get $4 OYNO.  Then I purchased 15 more boxes and paid $0.08 tax.  Then at another fry’s I purchased 11 more boxes and a filler item and received another $4.00 OYNO.  I say the deal may be over because it seem that all the Fry’s around town are out of the crayons and have put a limit of 6 on them.  You need to purchase 10 to get the $4.00 OYNO.  However the 6 will get you $2 OYNO which you can roll into more crayons too!  I am going to keep a few of these for my girls and the rest are going to Operation Shoe Box!  This is such a great deal I hope to be able to do it a few more times even if its 6 per transaction instead of 10! 

I purchased the ketchup with a rain check and the $0.20/1 coupons making them free at Fry’s.

With tax all and all I spent $6.40 on everything pictured above!  That is one great deal!!!

About Amy

Hi, I'm Amy, Mom of 2 young girls and Wife to a great man, Adrian. Join me as I blog about my frugal adventures, deals and every day life as I strive in Living The Domestic Life.
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