Make Your Own Lemonade Concentrate!

We love lemonade around here so when I heard my Grandma’s idea of freezing lemon juice I knew I had to get in on this!  Not only does this give us lemon juice for dinners it also saves us from needing to buy lemonade concentrate or mix.  We made our own concentrate and its ready to go when every we want! 

Caylee and I went over to my grandma’s and picked as many lemons as we could!  We ended up with a ton of them! 

First peel your lemons or limes or oranges maybe grapefruits, whatever you have an abundance of! 

Next was where the girls got to get involved.  This was a great way to get their hands dirty (so to speak) without a huge mess!  They ran all the slices through the juice until we had 17 cups of lemon juice!

Once all the lemons were juiced, at the recommendation from my Grandma I put them into one cup portions. 

By putting the bag into a measuring cup before pouring the juice in, it kept the bag in place and held it up so juice wouldn’t go everywhere! 

Zip the bags up so they are just about closed then lay it flat keeping a corner up so juice doesn’t run all over your counter.  Then push the last little bit of air out and seal it up! 

When you place these in the freezer lay them flat so they are neat and take up less space. 

Then when you want lemonade just pull out your own 1 cup bag full of lemon juice and mix with water and sugar!  Delicious!  I also like to have lemon on my chicken so I marked one bag as the break off bag so I know that its less than a cup then I break off what I need for dinner and leave the rest in the bag!  Its quiet convenient! 

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10 Responses to Make Your Own Lemonade Concentrate!

  1. What a great tip! I love make ahead convenience foods! Here are the ones I usually do:

  2. Tes says:

    What a genious idea! I have to try this. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Carol says:

    This is a fantastic idea! I am definitely going to try this. Thanks for sharing.

  4. mom2fur says:

    I made fresh-squeezed lemonade for Memorial Day and my middle son has been bugging me ever since to make it again. Alas, the cheapest I can get lemons for around here is about 40 cents each, and it takes about 8 to make a gallon. Still, even with adding in the cost of sugar, that’s probably a lot cheaper (and yummier!) than store bought!
    I never considered freezing the juice. What a great idea!

    • Amy says:

      hmmm I wonder if you can’t find some free lemons? Maybe take a look around your neighborhood see if you can spot any front yard lemon trees. Since its about time for lemons to call it quit for the season maybe you could ask if you could pick some? My Grandma has a lemon tree in her front yard and she has people stop often to pick lemons! It never hurts to ask!

      Or maybe see if you can get a better price if you buy in bulk from the grocery store? Maybe check farmers market if there are any near by!

  5. Alison says:

    oh, what a smart granny you have! I really love this idea! Makes me want to plant a lemon tree!

    How much water/sugar do you add to the one cup of lemon juice?

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  6. wanda says:

    I really love lemonade! Matter of fact, I’m addicted to it!

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