I Saved Money – 78 Coupons!

What a run at fry’s last night!  I was surprised they were running low or already out of a lot of the sale items.  Only 2 days into the ad there should still be plenty of sale items left.  I will head back later this weekend to see if they stocked back up. 

It was pretty hard to get all 110 items into one picture!  It took 10 reusable bags to bring all of this in!  I used a total of 78 coupons (which took 10 minutes to ring)!  Check here for a list of the sales this week at fry’s this will give you the coupon matchups

Some of the highlights: 
$0.19 for paper towels
$0.69 Microwave popcorn
$1.88 for OJ and 1 Free
$0.88 For Hot Dogs (The good kind)
$0.69 for Country Crock Butter
$1.79 for Keebler Cookies
$0.25 for Goldfish (These would be free at safeway this weekend but it wasn’t worth the trip)
$3.54 for 2 OLAY Body wash Plus 2 free Ivory Soaps AND $2 OYNO

This is what I got for free!  1 Fizzy kool aid (free peelie on hot dogs) 5 Reach Toothbrushes, 4 Gillette body washes, 15 Dial hand soaps, 14 Ivory soaps and 4 Make up brushes. 

I won a Bob Evans Side dish on the Fry’s savings game but I couldn’t find it in the store anywhere.  I also had loaded a Country time lemonade E Coupon from Fry’s website onto my card but it didn’t come off when I purchased it. 

I also checked my receipt when I got home and noticed he didn’t ring up one of my $4.00 OYNO coupons.  I had $21 in OYNO and only $17 rang up.  I call the store last night and she said she would check into it.  I plan of following up with this one because that pays for the Pizza Rolls I still want to buy. 

All and All I Paid $57.34 and I saved $224.15! 

By the time I had everything out of my basket and I could enter my VIP Number my total was already up to $150 and once he was done ringing the total was in the $200 oh my anxiety.  I was sweating it to make sure it came all they way back down to the $50’s! 

For More Savings Check Money Saving Mom & Saving and Giving

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Hi, I'm Amy, Mom of 2 young girls and Wife to a great man, Adrian. Join me as I blog about my frugal adventures, deals and every day life as I strive in Living The Domestic Life.
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