I Saved Money – 106% 115% & 100%

Can you belive that?  106%, 115%, 100%  saved?  My best trip yet!  I’m so happy with the load I just got tonight at Fry’s. 

I purchased all of this in 2 transactions  Here are the highlights:

 I owe a big thanks to Cents’able Shoppin for the heads up on the Catalina deals at frys!

Kroger/Frys Catalina deal Buy 2 Olay Body Washes get $2 off your next order.  (only purchase in increments of 2) 

Kroger/Frys Catalina Deal by 4 Reach Toothbrushes get $4 off your next order.  Buy 2 get $1 buy 3 get $2   – (Good luck finding these!  I have enough coupons to do the $4 deal 3 more times I will be on the hunt for these!)

Fry’s is currently making all coupons $1.00
Dial Ivory Smart Taste Pasta Reach Toothbrushes and Sunny D are all priced at $1.00 this week. 

I used $0.35/1 Dial, 0.50/1 Ivory, $1.00/1 Pasta, $1.00/1 Reach Toothbrush,  0.50/1 Sunny D, Buy 1 Olay get 1 Ivory Soap Free & $4.00/1 Olay Soap. 

Check this coupon database if you need the dates of these coupons

For the first transaction my total came to -$2.38  I actually got a refund which I don’t think they are supposed to do.  I asked him to take my last $2 off coupon off the order to bring it closer to zero but he said it was fine.  The second order produced $6 OYNO $2 for Olay and $4 for Reach Toothbrushes.  (I should have had another $2 for Olay print from the first order but it didn’t and I didn’t realize it until after I left the store oh well this deal was plenty good enough for me!) 

This Gillette I purchased the other day at Fry’s however the sale continues this week (unadvertised).  All Men’s Gillette Body Wash is on sale at Fry’s Buy 1 Get 1 Free.   Use the B1G1 Free coupon from the 6/6 P & G Insert to get all of them for free! 

I’m excited to add all of this to my stockpile and to unload some of it on family because my stockpile closet  (yep I just admitted to having a stock pile closet) is bursting.  I’m out of room!  I just love not paying for toiletries or paying next to nothing and I’m thankful my family will listen to all my coupon talk and take my overflow so I can support my habit and keep on stockin’ up!

This post is linked to Money Saving Mom and Saving & Giving

About Amy

Hi, I'm Amy, Mom of 2 young girls and Wife to a great man, Adrian. Join me as I blog about my frugal adventures, deals and every day life as I strive in Living The Domestic Life.
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4 Responses to I Saved Money – 106% 115% & 100%

  1. Maloree Munn says:

    I am really glad to know about your blog. I do have one request….. Can you take a picture of your stash of extras!!!
    It has to be a lot! It would take me a while to go through the hand soaps and toothbrushes and everything! Also, do you ever find yourself buying things just cause they are on sale and not cause you need them?

    • Amy says:

      I will try and get a picture of all my extras posted for you!

      I do purchase things sometimes that I know I won’t use just because they are on sale however I purchase them with the intention of donating them. I won’t purchases something just because it’s a good deal if I can’t give it to someone who will benefit from it.

      My goal is to make a monthly donation to the food pantry at Church. So far so good! Through our Church we are also participating in Operation Christmas Child and we have 300 boys who need soap toothbrushes and other toiletries. Free Toothbrushes and Soap help me contribute to this.

      When I am able to purchase them for next to nothing it really maximizes what I am able to donate. I can make a $10 donation or I can use the $10 to get the best deals I can and grow my donation. I need to get May’s donation up for the record!

      I watch my expiration dates closely. Anything that is getting within 2 months of the dates I start unloading. If we aren’t going to eat it or use it then its getting donated or handed over to family/friends who can use it.

      It really is a lot of fun to give away stuff that was close to free – not only did I save money and have fun getting the deals but its one less thing someone else needs to purchase!

  2. GR8 job!

    I have yet to find the toothbrushes…grr!! Today I have to work 8 -7 and tomorrow too 8-7 so I’m sure they’ll be out by the time I get there ….but I plan on looking tonight!!

    Great job Amy!!!

    • Amy says:

      I’m planning on going before work to another frys. I hope I can find more! Good luck on the hunt and thanks for the heads up!!

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