I Saved Money – CVS $5.92



I had to go to CVS tonight because there is no way I can let a $5/15 coupon expire not with all the great deals there are at CVS this week!  Actually all month is going to be good at CVS! 

Heres What I Got On My Card:
2 Coppertone Sun Screens  $10.49 x2
1 Pro Fusion Razor  $9.97 

Total  $30.95

Coupons Used:
 $4.00/20  CVS Email
2 $2.00/1 Coppertone peelies
1 $4.00/1 Fusion Razor

Total $18.95 
Used $18.00 in ECBS and paid $0.95 + Tax.  I received $15.00 (10 for sun screen 5 for razor) in ECB’s  I lost 3 ECB’s well worth it though! 

Then with my husbands CVS card I got:

2 Windex $2.50  x 2
1 Pro Fusion Razor $9.97
2 Old Spice Fresh Collection $3.99 x 2
2 Skinny Cow Ice Creams $1.00 x 2

Total  $24.95

Coupons Used:
$5.00/15 CVS Coupon Machine
2 $1.00/1 Windex
1 $4.00/1 Fusion Razor
1 B1G1 Old Spice
1 $1.00/1 Old Spice
2 $1.00/1 Skinny Cow

Total $8.96  This Should have been the total however the cashier messed up and instead of making the B1G1 free coupon worth $3.99 he made it for $7.98 so they were both free from that coupon.  My total came to 4.97 + tax. 

Since I had planned on getting 2 more windex (they were out) and planned on paying $3.99 more on my total the only ECBs I had with me to pay with were $6.99 and I didn’t want to lose the differences so I paid cash for this and made $7 in ECBS (5 for razor and 2 for old spice).  I didn’t realize the amount he put in for the deodorants.  I got a really good deal out of it however it should have only been for $3.99.  Next time I need to watch better to make sure they are taking the correct amount off. 

All and All I Paid $5.92 + tax not bad if you ask me however had I been more prepared for the unexpected (as you always should be at cvs) I could have lowered my OOP with other ECBs for payment. 

The Pro Fusion Razor deal is going all month-long.  The next two weeks you will be able to buy 2 razors a week as long as they are in separate transactions you will get $5 ECBs each.  This is a great deal be sure to stock up while you can!!  I will!  

I will be going back tomorrow to a different CVS to get 2 more windex which will get me $5 ECB’s.  Tomorrows shopping list also includes a run to walgreens for $0.49 Bic Razors (love those) and free Reach Toothbrushes.  Then on to Target for the free Olay Body Wash!!  

Happy Savings! 


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