Sweet Moments


Between figuring out how in the world to use my pressure canner to timing that with a big pot of spaghetti sauce to baking my husband a batch of cookies I ended up spending most of my Saturday in the kitchen. Thankfully my kitchen window looks out to the backyard and the girls just love to play out there!  Every so often I would hear shrieks of joy and giggles that were just overflowing with excitement it really was the best music to keep my day going.

The girls watched as someone flew their kite way up high and they laid in the grass and made “snow angels” (my poor deprived AZ kids have no idea what snow really is). The played together and road their bikes in circles on the mini patio. After a while it got quiet as they played on their own in this imaginary world they had created!  

Unfortunately like most moms who try to sneak a picture from their unexpecting children…. I got caught!!!!

 Normally when I accidentally bust into the imaginative world they have created the focus switches to “what’s Mommy doing”  This time around I pretended I didn’t see her see me and turned back to my kitchen and checked on my cookies in the oven and in came Caylee!  With the best.present.ever.  She had picked a flower for me.  She picked a flower and brought it to me because she wanted me to have a special flower!  That, That right there made my day! 


The flower ins’t what mattered it was that she stopped playing just to bring me a smile!  The simplest of things to a Child can mean the world to their Mother. 

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About Amy

Hi, I'm Amy, Mom of 2 young girls and Wife to a great man, Adrian. Join me as I blog about my frugal adventures, deals and every day life as I strive in Living The Domestic Life.
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2 Responses to Sweet Moments

  1. So sweet of her!

    Did you get your pressure canner figured out? I have one in my basement… never used it… it scares me. 🙂

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