Financial Update: Do Something Radical

Financial Update
March: Do Something Radical
This month my husband and I decided we needed to do something Radical to give our savings a swift kick in the behind. We are in the process of trying to build our savings to a 6 month emergency fund, what I call step 2 of our savings goals. (Our first step was to establish a way for us to effective save money and not with a savings account that we could just transfer the money back and forth at the end of the month) Rather quickly towards the end of last year we were able to sock away some money … we had great motivation… we were so excited about watching our savings grow… then it stopped.
Life happened, Christmas happened, we were busy, we stopped making a run to the bank and said “I’ll go later” it seems as though we let too many things stumble us on our path of savings. We have tried to get back on track. We’ve added to our savings a bit so far this year but now it’s time to do something Radical something outside the box …. lets sock the money away and figure out how to make do without.
For March we will be taking one of my husband’s paychecks 100% of his net pay and putting it right into savings! Now that ought to jump start our savings plus it will put us at 50% of our 6 month emergency fund!!
Are you doing something Radical this month to kick start or cushion your savings goals?
For more ideas visit WFMW
For more ideas to save visit Life As Mom

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Hi, I'm Amy, Mom of 2 young girls and Wife to a great man, Adrian. Join me as I blog about my frugal adventures, deals and every day life as I strive in Living The Domestic Life.
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3 Responses to Financial Update: Do Something Radical

  1. AllieZirkle says:

    Crazy! I love this !!

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